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Online Exam Preparation from the World's Top Scientists, Wall Streeters, and Lawyers

Edlynx ( provides complete guidance on preparation for high stakes exams such as IIT JEE, CLAT, CSAT, and SSC. Learn from the experts and scientists associated with Harvard University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Berkeley, University of Chicago, IIT, IIM, Penn State University and more.

Edlynx courses are fully sufficient and self contained and do not leave out any aspect. Once you select an edLynX course you get access to everything that you will need for your exam preparation from start to finish. Each course includes video tutorials by ivy league professors and industry leaders, home works, practice problems, tailored feedback, textbook, and forums for discussion on complex topics and problems. Our intelligent platform makes course revision a breeze by tracking your progress and helping you build your weak areas throughout the year rather than leaving everything to the end.

Our study material is developed from the latest research in every area that is often only accessible to the experts in that field.

According to the latest brain research students learn best when they discuss complex ideas. Online forums provide a venue for students to ask any question anytime. They also act as discussion hangouts that are monitored by faculty to guide discussions in right direction. show more

Bringing World's Best Classroom into your Home

In last two decades internet and smartphone technology have made many solutions developed out of modern scientific research cost effective. Given the widespread availability of internet and mobile networks it is now becoming possible to create a viable solution to widely disseminate fruits of discoveries by some of the world's best scientists in the fields of education, neuroscience, and cognitive science.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has revolutionized messaging, video streaming, and communication. ICT revolution is a significant departure from industrial revolution in the way that the fruits of ICT revolution are widely shared between the developed and the developing world. India is a significant beneficiary of this revolution due to its democracy, intellectual capital, and huge youth population. Further, India is an important partner of leading world economies on various fronts. It has a special relationship with USA as both countries share many of the same concerns on security, economic growth and are participating in education, technology, and media.

Currently, a few education startups in India are helping deliver classroom to students on devices such as computers, notebooks, and mobile phones. They are connecting teachers and students in ways that benefit both. This is just the beginning, though. Connecting students and teachers is a first step. More work needs to be done in creating content and processes that play to the strength of the online medium. It is important to understand that the online medium is not a substitute of the offline, i.e, classroom medium. Instead, online medium brings unique capabilities that are otherwise not available. Modern devices come with a brain of their own also known as computing units which can track and guide student actions and make decisions on the fly to help her progress in the right direction with her studies. show more