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IIT JEE Main AND Advanced Exam Elite

IIT JEE Coaching

This course covers full IIT JEE main and advanced syllabus. This includes full coverage of Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry for JEE from start to finish- Interactive Video Lectures, Reading Material, Graded Homeworks, All India Tests, Discussion Forums, Tailored Feedback, and Revision.

Edlynx faculty is excited to be part of your journey to the future. Throughout this journey you will meet eminent scientists from around the world who will participate in this course with one and only one ambition - to make sure that you are given best advice, material, and guidance.

Our course is broken down into learning sequences. These sequences are meant to follow a pattern that will help you make use of latest advances in brain sciences for learning and memory.

We will release chapter-wise study material based on a pre-published timeline. Students are expected to use study material, solve homework problems, and take tests in the order they are released. These courses will follow curriculum in a similar manner as classroom coaching.

Each chapter is roughly divided into following learning sequences.

Introduction and announcements

This is most important part of each chapter as it sets up expectations. It explains how an individual chapter should be tackled for best performance. We will also provide strategies for individual chapters so that you are able to make best use of your time and learning becomes precise and productive.

Video Tutorials

Our videos are created by renowned scientists and professionals from each individual areas. Our faculty were not only taught at IITs and similar institutions around the world but they also bring numerous research and professional experience that illuminate their understanding of a topic and helps to create study material for you that is as good as a material that is created at the top most world institutions. Remember that some of our faculty train individuals who become faculty at top medical and engineering colleges including IITs.

Topic Problems

Video Tutorials are followed by a problem set that focuses on concepts covered in the video. Make sure that you attempt these problems immediately after watching the video. Our technique is to make sure that you are learning for mastery.


Each chapter includes a text book that is written by professors from top American universities. These books are not available in print format. This is power of Internet where our textbook keeps evolving all the time with best material and methods available at the time.


This is a set of problems that accompany every chapter. You should finish the homework in time to make sure that you have not forgotten the concepts you learned in videos. These problems will give you a deeper understanding of interrelation in the chapter concepts.


Test will follow to make sure that you are ready to synthesize concepts learned in the current and all previous chapters to solve problems that can appear on your exam.


Discussion is an integral part of learning. Students often assume they have learned a concept until they need to explain it to someone else and find that there are holes in their learning. Discussion removes these holes and mitigates overconfidence. It is also one of the most powerful forms of learning first espoused by great Greek philosopher Aristotle. Our discussion forums are suitable for modern day learners as they are often using similar forms of communication using social media. These forums are a place for students to ask questions. Anyone can ask a question anytime. Our faculty makes sure that every reasonable question is answered in time.

LIVE Interaction with Faculty

Faculty will provide LIVE broadcast using Google hangout. This broadcast will be scheduled at the beginning (end) of major units. These broadcasts will include explanation of important concepts, techniques, and strategies for studying the unit, and tackling problems from that unit in the exam. We will also bring experts who will talk to students about time management and stress reduction.
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